Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Each fall, we go on vacation, or as we have fun saying "HOLIDAY!", with the palm of our right hand ontop of our head, while raising the fingers up and down. This comes from the one hen from "Chicken Run", the fat one that knits and keeps hoping to go on holiday. Everytime she says "Holiday", the feathers over her forehead go up and down.

Well, this is going to be our fifth wedding anniv., but though I planned, the savings are not quite there. Damn you Ebay and the ease of paypal. Also, damn my love for books--lovely paper, to hold and turn pages within. Ah.

Well, in past year, it has been Door County Wisc twice and Niagara Fall, Canada twice.
This spring we saw the cherry Blossoms in DC, and spent feb 14th in San Diego for the second year in a row. Our Honeymoon was San Fran. Well, we are thinking a cross country road trip to Oregon and hit Rushmore on the way there, and Yosmite on the way back, with a pass by Tahoe. Airfare and a rental car for 2 weeks+ is almost $1,500. The car will run $500 for gas-got to love my Honda Civic. The other option is to drive around Lake Superior or Lake Onterio.

Well, going to have to crunch numbers this week. I am starting this blog, so I will have a daily journal of the trip. I have tried the writing with moleskins, but after a day or two, I just am too fatigued at night to put pen to paper. We usually have gone on several weekend road trips by now, but the weather, and my work schedule, along with health issues have been to blame for the last two years of travel drought.

It has been 10 years since my maiden 18 day sole trip along the coast and I long to see it, though dread seeing the developments and spread of fast food joints along the coast. I saw all 13 lighthouses, and grew as a person. It was seven months after my mother's passage,and I had her picture at my bedside every night, along with my bear Bo. Since I stayed at B&Bs, the owners would comment on both, and were touched by my stories of mother, and the comfort my Bo provided me. One evening I came back to my room at Yahates, and found the girls that made up my bed, made a cave of pillows for Bo--he is shaped like a real bear, and stands on all 4. If we go, I hope my husband falls for Oregon, as much as I did--some vistas there made me wept with joy, of the overwhelming beauty I saw there.